Saturday, May 19, 2012

i'm ready...maybe

I had a dream the other night. It was one of those it felt so real & was I sure it was just a dream kind of dreams. I wished so badly that what happened in that dream was reality. The people that were in it, the words that were spoken, & the way I felt.


what happens when our dreams get in the way of reality? What happens when reality gets in the way of our dreams?

As the days go by & my visit to Denver gets closer, my stress & excitement levels are building by the minute. My dreams are sky high. I wish you could take a peak in my brain for an hour, a minute, a couple seconds. I have hopes, wishes, ideas, all just waiting there. 

I struggle with this everyday. How do I know what my purpose is? How do I know that teaching is what I'm suppose to do? How do I know if Denver is the place I'm suppose to be? How do I know that I'm going to be ok in the end? 

One thing at a time I tell myself constantly. I am 23, with nothing tying me down, & can literally go anywhere & do anything I want. I don't have this crazy, mad desire to find a full time teaching job. Is that a sign? Or am I crazy? Either way, I'm buckling myself in for this ride ahead. In all this uncertainty in my life, there are a few things I know:

I'm ready for change. 
I'm ready for new friendships. 
I'm ready to live in a city that isn't flat. 
I'm ready for adventure. 
I'm ready to live on my own again. 
I'm ready for a big girl job. 
I'm ready to start all over. 
I'm ready to be me.

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