Sunday, May 6, 2012

brothers & sisters

As I move forward with this next chapter in my life, not being someone's "other half", but being my own "whole", I have had to turn to my safety net. I have fallen in to this net many times lately, & every time they throw me back up. Reminding me of what I do have, what is ahead of me, & what I deserve.

Brother: "What are you going to do now? Where are you going to move? How are you going to afford living there? You know you have to pay bills, right? 

Translation: You are my baby sister and I want the best for you

Brother: "What kind of beer do you want?"

Translation: I don't have the words that would make it all better but I do have a fridge full of beer that would taste good. Who knows, have more than 1 & it might make it all better. Temporarily.

Translation: ?

Having 3 brothers can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. A lot of times. But then there are those times where they surprise you. They have different personalities & different ways of helping me, even when they think they aren't doing anything.

Case in point - I guess I'll keep em' around.

I can't end this party without talking about my sisters.

I don't like saying that I have 3 sister-in-laws because honestly, they are much more than that. Just like my brothers, they each have their own way of reaching out for me.

Between inviting me to church to pouring me a glass of wine, from talks on the phone to talks while sitting on the driveway, I just can't get over how freaking lucky I am. Honestly, I have 3 brothers who could have screwed up somewhere in picking out their wives, yet they all scored 100%. Maybe it's the teacher in me or maybe it's common sense, but that's pretty dang good.

As I say my prayers at night, I pray for them. I pray that they have friends just as encouraging as mine, that they are given advice when seeking it, that they laugh when they need to be cheered up, & that someones fridge in their life is stocked with beer (or wine).

To my brothers & sisters, thank you.

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  1. We're there for you in the good times, also! Jesus is too...remember that. We love you! And remember, this too shall pass :) xoxo