Sunday, May 20, 2012

less words, more pictures

Friday night:

We cheered on the 5k runners & walkers including my mom & brother.


I ran my 2nd half marathon. My time was 10 minutes faster than last year which made me a very happy girl. I ran alongside my sister-in-law (we run well together -- bitching when the wind was in our face & laughing when we saw someone clearly older than us, pass us). My brother also ran it & finished sooner than I thought he would! I love this weekend & the sense of community that it brings. 

Saturday night:

It was my niece, Mallory's, first dance recital. I did her makeup for it, which she loved. "What's that for? What are you going to do next? Oh, that looks pretty!". It took me back to my days of getting ready for my dance recitals & getting so excited because I got to wear blush & lipstick! 


After 5 months of not seeing my brother, he is finally home. That means that for the next couple months, all my brothers will have the opportunity to pick on their little sister in person. Crap. 

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  1. Your photos are so engaging- can't quite decide which one is my favorite because you have several contenders :) Mallory is beaming in that last one -so cute! Congrats on the race!!