Sunday, May 13, 2012

thank you

I was going to sit down & type up some thought-provoking, emotional, probably make my mom cry sort of words. But not going to lie, I have a million things on my mind & my parents will be home any minute from being gone all weekend. Let's just say I have some cleaning to do. 

I went to Target with my nephew, Marcus, this afternoon. As we were walking in, an older gentleman who works there said: 

Happy Mother's Day!

I really need to start wearing a sign that says "THEY AREN'T MINE" OR "I'M THEIR AUNT".

Speaking of Marcus...

Marcus: "I need to get you something for Mother's Day".

Me: "Ahh, pretty sure I don't have kids bud".

Marcus: "Well, you are my fairy Godmother!"


To my mom, thank you. I could list off a million & one reasons why you rock but the dishes need to be done & your arrival is now down to T-10 minutes.

You know me, I love me some homemade gifts! Here is what I made for my mom...

If you are wondering, the answer is yes, I could not feel my right hand when I was finished. 

PS : Mom, thanks for passing your laugh so hard you snort genes down to me. Means a lot. 

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  1. I love this daughter of mine!!!