Monday, May 7, 2012

Herbalife: 24

I love running 10.5 miles...
 & not waking up ONE BIT SORE the next morning. 
& feeling like I could run 10.5 more. 
& not feeling like I'm going to collapse the second I stop running.

Why do I feel the way do?

The Herbalife 24 Performance Nutrition Line. I have an absolute love/love relationship this stuff. The great thing about it is that you don't have to be a runner. Heck, you could be a walker, hockey player, weight lifter, tennis player, dancer. You could work out 3 times a week or 7 days a week. This line fits everyone!

There are products to use before, during, & after your workouts. I just started implementing REBUILD STRENGTH (immediate & sustained muscle recovery...& it tastes exactly like chocolate milk!) & RESTORE (take one tablet 30 minutes prior to bed, kicks muscle inflammation out the door!). By just using these 2 products, I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel the day after a tough workout. No sore muscles, no sore joints, no feeling like an 80 year old woman. 

If you are interested in learning more about these products or ready to place an order, either Facebook me or e-mail me at :

And guys, David Beckham & the rest of the LA Galaxy soccer team uses this line. Need I say more? (Other than holy smokes you are amazingly gorgeous & perfect in every gosh darn way)

* Herbalife has a 30 day money back guarantee. WHY NOT try it?

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